Customize your party with our excellent selection of activities that are great for all ages!


Within 1 hour, we can comfortably complete 1-3 activities for a typical party size of 10-12 children. We can even accommodate larger or smaller parties by simply adjusting the hours of entertainment, number of activities or performers to suit your specific needs! Each of our activities can be done by any character of your choice or even with a performer in "plain clothes" attire, with the exception of the dance lessons as those coordinate with either a Fairy Princess or Hula Girl. Below you will find brief descriptions of our activity selections. Hover over the Activities tab for more activities sorted by age.


**Please remember, we love to entertain children; however, parental supervision is always advised as we are not liable for behavioral issues**

Interactive Magic

Our interactive Magic Show lasts approximately 30 minutes and is entertaining for children ages of 4-10, along with the young-at-heart adults! The guest of honor and friends are welcome to come up and help with the magic, even choosing their own magic word to be used throughout the show. We strive to create the illusion that the children are actually causing the magic to happen. Be prepared for lots of laughter with this activity!


There are no additional costs for this activity!


The magic show is best performed in an enclosed area, against a wall, or distraction-free background.

4 & Up
Glitter Tattoos

Glitter tattoos is one of the most popular activity choices. They are an easier alternative than face painting if you're on a time crunch. It works well with keeping the flow of the party moving smooth since it can be done as children trickle in at the beginning of the party, or during other activities such as serving cake or food. It brings a lot of pizzazz for a very memorable party! We have designs that are kid appropriate for both boys and girls and can match any party theme. For an additional $30, these glittery custom designs can last up to 7 days if they are well taken care of. If you're expecting a large amount of guests, we highly recommend you order glitter tattoos to speed up the wait!

1 & Up
Balloon Twisting

A classic activity always popular with girls and boys of all ages. We can make all sorts of brightly colored, zany shapes from traditional cats and dogs to wearable butterfly wings and flying airplanes. Our big silly hats are particularly popular with fun loving grown ups! Like face painting this is a great activity to help with the party flow. Balloons can be made while other activities are happening and it also makes a lovely take-home party favor if made at the end of the festivities. We use the best twisty balloons the industry has to offer and we are happy to say they are fully biodegradable. The balloons biodegrade in the same amount of time a maple leaf would.

4 & Up