Please be aware that many who engage in this industry are not reliable. While we certainly hope you choose us to be a part of your event, we want to share with you vital information you'll need to ensure your family and friends have a safe and enjoyable celebration regardless of who you decide to work with. We care about the integrity of this industry and it is of the utmost importance to ask the right questions when looking at potential entertainment companies. We have provided a list below to help with that and of course please don't hesitate to contact us if we can be of any further assitance.

Q: Can you explain how it all works? Walk me through a Kidtastic Party.


A: We arrive fully costumed and prepared with all materials required for the selected activities. If you're waiting for arrivals, then an individual activity such as Face Painting or Glitter Tattoos is a great way to greet new guests. If all of your guests have arrived, we can begin with a group activity such as a Magic Show or Storytelling with Puppets. Because we always come fully prepared; setup time extremely minimal! We can transition between activities very quickly and won’t need to extra time to set up.

Q: Should we prepare anything for your arrival?


A: We'll need a parking spot if there's not a lot of available spaces. We bring lots of activities and parking close helps us to get it there safe and sound. If you are having face painting, please have a designated table area, small cup of water, and a few napkins or paper towels available for us to use.

Q: I'm having a party for my little boy, but there will be a mix of both boys and girls there. Which character should I have?


A: Our most popular, and gender neutral character is the Gentle Clown. However, both boys and girls genuinely love our Pirates and Wizards as well.

Q: How do I reserve my date?


A: Give us a call at 1-***-**** and we'll be happy to help. We'll enter the party details then the total is processed in either 2 ways. We can process the full party total up front by using Visa/MasterCard/Discover or you can put down a deposit (50% of the party total) which is a non-refundable deposit to hold the spot. The remaining balance is then automatically processed the day before the celebration. In the event of an emergency, please give us at least 24hr. notice so we can retain the deposit as a credit. There are no penalties or charges for rescheduling and it is also fully transferable should you wish to gift it to an individual or organization.

Q: What should I call the performer?


A: By the character's name, of course :) We take our performances to heart and want to maintain the most realistic show from start to finish, so we're always in character!

Q: Are your performers experienced?


A: Yes! All of our employees have had prior experience in working with children of all ages! They must always pass background checks and even go through rigorous training sessions with both the owner and manager of the company, as well as attending required tag-a-long shows before being allowed to perform on their own.

Q: Do you perform at company or corporate events?


A: Absolutely! We've been fortunate enough to be invited to entertain at several company parties such as YouTube's Family Fun Day, La Petit Academy within the Sybase Corporate Office, and the Saint Francis's Yacht Club's annual picnics. We'd be more than happy to come to your next corporate event!

Q: Can one performer handle all of my guests?


A: If you are expecting less than 25 children, one performer will be just fine. You may want to consider adding time to your party or limiting the number of activities you choose if you are expecting more than 12 children to be participating. If you are expecting 25 or more children, we highly recommend requesting more than one performer and/or extending your party time.

Q: How will I know who is coming to my child's party?


A: Kidtastic Parties is a fully insured corporation that only works with its own employees, never independent contractors! This means that we will never ask an outside party to send someone we are unfamiliar with to entertain your children. Also, we only send performers who can be truly convincing as your character of choice. All of our performers are screened with a background check. Each performer has a custom fitted wardrobe based on characters she can realistically play. This is especially important when planning a princess party since you'll want the most genuine effect for your little guests. All of our princess gowns are hand made of beautiful satin and are full formal length complete with petticoats.

Q: I'm having a party for my little girl, but there will be a lot of boys there. Is a princess party a good idea?


A: Yes! Little girls, as well as boys are SO captivated by our gender neutral and interactive activities and are completely used to seeing young ladies wearing very feminine clothes. They all have a BLAST regardless of the costume!